Wednesday, 25 October 2017


After a little bit of anger  for my "non painting" situation, I've been lucky yesterday evening as my kids have decided to go to bed early. (Finally!!!)
So I've catched the opportunity to go ahead with my Grand Crane. Just a short session but enough to complete the huge horns of my skull warrior.
The base color was already painted. I used a  yellow ocre + a touch of blue wet blended with pure black.

Mainly I've worked the light and shadow, defining again the volume. For the color recipe I've semply used the base color with black and white to desaturate the overall color. The base color was a little bit too yellow, not in line with the rest of the miniature and because I wanted to make the horns old and worn, it was important to not let the colors too satutared.
I've also painted some dammages  just to add a little bit of texture because the horns were a little bit too flat for my taste.
Next step: finish the legs and the hoofs.

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