Wednesday, 25 May 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1 - Goth Amy

Little by little my survivors team goes on.
This week I've finished Amy the goth girl inspired by the character of Abby Sciuto in NCIS.
As for the previous survivor I have followed the mini plastic color for the sheme. So violet this time.
This time I've taken some pics of the wip just to share with you some of the process.

Talking about goth look, I had to paint the skin with very pale hue trying to not give an unreal aspect. As usual I've used warcolours acrylic.
So I've started with a base of flesh 2 (similar to elf flesh) with first shades in flesh 5 wich is a kind of purple dark flesh. I didn't want to use any kind of brown or red because it would create an healthy aspect I wanted to avoid. Instead I've added some blue to increase the shading and flesh 1 (pale flesh) and white for the highlight. 

As you notice, at this stage I've painted the legs like the other parts without considering the stockings.
For the face I've put some glazes of purple concentring on the eyes and the cheek to simulate the make up and increase the general hue I wanted for the mini.
The upper part of the lips have been pre shaded before during the skin process and simply painted in red with very thin layer. Just a dot of white on the lower part to create some glossy effect and it's done.

I've hesitated to paint the hair directly with a base of purple but then I though that the effect would be probably too cartoon/anime. I wanted to maintain some coherence with the other survivors so I've choosen dark hair with strong reflects of purple. Technically, I've put a base of black with strong highlights in pure white and then applied several layers of purple glazes to give the colors.

For the stockings I've placed first the shape of the holes and then applied the glazes of purple (avoiding the holes of course).
It works very well to create the transparancy of the stocking and let apparent the shades and light painted before on the legs. I put 6 layers of glazes to obtain the right colors.

The shirt has been painted starting by a base of blue grey which is quite light and then highlighted until the pure white. The blue hue is also useful in this case to obtain a cold white and maintain the coherence with the purple hue I wanted for Amy.

The rest of the miniature has been painted mainly with base of black. I've lighted the skirt with purple just to brake a little all the black areas.
I had to paint also the hands with black to cover an ugly casting defect but it was not a big deal as some gloves computed well with the gothic look.
The metal parts (the Katana and the guns) has been painted with black metal and silver and then washed with black armor (Secret weapon wash).

It's a pity that the soft plastic used for this mini creates this defect on the katana form. I will try to correct it in a second time with a hair dryer, but to be honnest I'm afraid to make the things even worst.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1 - Crazy Ned

Finally I come back with the zombicide miniatures which are absolutly funnier to paint than X-Wing starships.
This time I've Painted Ned. Usually zombicide minis are inspirated by some movie or TV characters. I don't kow the Ned's reference but for my concern I keep my idea to paint him for game purpose so with a clear colors scheme to help the identification on the table.

Ned's mini is red so I keep this color as reference. Of course the choice of green for the trousers was logic for the colors contrast but also because Ned is the type of guy who wears some military camo clothes.

Talking about camo, I've tried some techniques found on the web, applying simple camo pattern on top on the base layer and then directly painting the extreme shading on the whole surface just to define the volume. It actually works very well on this scale. No need to become cray painting light and shades on each camo pattern. The visual effect works as well.

For the face I've decided to fill the eyes with green stuff to paint directly the glasses. First because I'm too lazy to paint the eyes behing the glasses, second because I though Ned would be coolier with sun glasses. Meanwhile I'v choosen a paler skin tone than Phil to give him a most mature look. It computes well also with the idea of a crazy survivor living in some bunker.
At the beginning I was thinking to paint his hair in grey but finally I prefer to paint with an orange brown desaturated just to keep the overall colors around the idea of red.

Fast and easy painting anyway, very relaxing. For now, my survivors have been painted in 5 hours max. I would be able to finish the team for the next session with my friends.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Some news from Warcolours

Jay Adan has just received some previews products from Warcolours.
A new line with strong opacity for base layer which is actually the only weak point of the brand for now. That's a a good news.
Hope that this preview will become reality.

[X-WING] Rebel Custom, the B-Wing part 2

I've finally finished (or maybe I should say "rushed") the B-Wing.
I'm not happy with the result, the traitment of the metal is dirty, the contrast with the non metallic part are not good as expected and finally the light effects on the weapon and burners are far away to be neat.

The x-wing minis are definitively not my cup of tea...or maybe I have not the skill to paint the vehicles.
Anyway, here the final results.

Let see if my friend will be more satisfied than I am.

Monday, 9 May 2016

[Zombicide] Abomination saison 1

Some fun this week-end on this big ugly guy.
Very nice sculpture with a lot of volume, he was great to paint.
I'm happy with the result also because at the beginning, I was planning to paint him with metalic thornes and dirtier look.
Finally considering the blue skin, I've prefered to paint the thorns with some ocre to create contrast.
And I let him clean of any kind of gore effect as if he has just transformed himself from photograph to abomniation.
He should create the right dramatic effect on the game table!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1- Phil the cop

A little bit of Zombicide just to change my mind after X-wing.
Sometimes it's better to do a break when the motivation is not here.

So I've decided to paint the survivors of the the saison 1.
The minis are very cool and talking about mini for gaming, it's a much a matter of doing something fun and nice in few time.
I 've started with Phil the cop, the sheriff inspiring by the character of Rick Grimes in Walking dead.
I've just spent 3 hours with him, I have to correct some details on the lips and finalize the base but I'm quite happy with the result. It's exactly what I was looking for: a nice tabletop mini Painted quickly but with pleasure.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

[X-WING] Rebel Custom, the B-Wing

One last ship to custom, the B-Wing.
I admit I have some difficulties with this commission. I'm not very motivated with this kind of painting mainly because the vehicule painting requires some skills I have not.
Yep, I'm not very clean and precise, it's not a big deal when I paint some character because I can compensate with the volume, the lightning  and the textures, it's quite a problem when I need to work on flat surfaces.
For the B-wing, it's even more difficult because my friend asked me a specific work based on this Nano Nefasto's fantastic job.
So, the idea is a base of metalic with some blue hue. The issue is to find a good balance colors for the B-wing, so I'm going to add some grey pattern and paint the mecchanical parts in NMM style (to contrast the metalic base).
For now, I've divided the metal parts from the grey pattern (in black for now).
The metal is paint with black metal and silver.
Then I've used some washes of blue concentrated in the hollows to create the blue light. The effect is very nice, I have to say that Nano Nefasto was very inspirated with this colors scheme.

Next step: paint the grey pattern and the mecchanical parts.... and find a lot of motivation to finish it.