Wednesday, 18 May 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1 - Crazy Ned

Finally I come back with the zombicide miniatures which are absolutly funnier to paint than X-Wing starships.
This time I've Painted Ned. Usually zombicide minis are inspirated by some movie or TV characters. I don't kow the Ned's reference but for my concern I keep my idea to paint him for game purpose so with a clear colors scheme to help the identification on the table.

Ned's mini is red so I keep this color as reference. Of course the choice of green for the trousers was logic for the colors contrast but also because Ned is the type of guy who wears some military camo clothes.

Talking about camo, I've tried some techniques found on the web, applying simple camo pattern on top on the base layer and then directly painting the extreme shading on the whole surface just to define the volume. It actually works very well on this scale. No need to become cray painting light and shades on each camo pattern. The visual effect works as well.

For the face I've decided to fill the eyes with green stuff to paint directly the glasses. First because I'm too lazy to paint the eyes behing the glasses, second because I though Ned would be coolier with sun glasses. Meanwhile I'v choosen a paler skin tone than Phil to give him a most mature look. It computes well also with the idea of a crazy survivor living in some bunker.
At the beginning I was thinking to paint his hair in grey but finally I prefer to paint with an orange brown desaturated just to keep the overall colors around the idea of red.

Fast and easy painting anyway, very relaxing. For now, my survivors have been painted in 5 hours max. I would be able to finish the team for the next session with my friends.

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