Tuesday, 3 May 2016

[X-WING] Rebel Custom, the B-Wing

One last ship to custom, the B-Wing.
I admit I have some difficulties with this commission. I'm not very motivated with this kind of painting mainly because the vehicule painting requires some skills I have not.
Yep, I'm not very clean and precise, it's not a big deal when I paint some character because I can compensate with the volume, the lightning  and the textures, it's quite a problem when I need to work on flat surfaces.
For the B-wing, it's even more difficult because my friend asked me a specific work based on this Nano Nefasto's fantastic job.
So, the idea is a base of metalic with some blue hue. The issue is to find a good balance colors for the B-wing, so I'm going to add some grey pattern and paint the mecchanical parts in NMM style (to contrast the metalic base).
For now, I've divided the metal parts from the grey pattern (in black for now).
The metal is paint with black metal and silver.
Then I've used some washes of blue concentrated in the hollows to create the blue light. The effect is very nice, I have to say that Nano Nefasto was very inspirated with this colors scheme.

Next step: paint the grey pattern and the mecchanical parts.... and find a lot of motivation to finish it.

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