Wednesday, 26 July 2017


After a break away from my pencils, I've finally come back and decided to start painting my Rackham Acheron undead army. Inspired by the new Game of Thrones season, I've choosen to paint my army in a frozen atmosphere. It's also an opportunity for me to try new techniques as I've never created winter and snow base.
Flying on the wave of motivation, I've decided to kick off with the biggest piece of the undead serie: Le Grand Crane ( the Almighty Skull) . It's not only the biggest in term of army point as he's a "living legend" which is, in Confrontation game, the most powerful unit of the army but it also in literary the biggest miniature.
The guy is a massive skull warrior, the skeleton I put on the base give you an idea of the scale. Considering he's a metal miniature, that's also mean he's very heavy. In fact I've struggle a lot to put together and consolidate the different pieces and the base.
The wooden pike I've placed on the base are not only for aesthetic purpose but to maintain the cork under the weight of the mini.
In term of painting, Le Grand Crane is going to be challenging. Not only because he's large but due to the profusion of elements in the sculpture, each of them heavily textured.
Fortunatly the most confusing part of the sculpture is on his back which will be mostly hidden by the huge cloak (which will be itself a challenge in the challenge).
After a black and white priming, I've started to paint to face and the skin parts. Because the colours hue will be mainly cold, I've tried to put some magic effect on his eyes with flashy orange just to create a contrasting focus on his face.
I think it's too soon to understand if the idea is good...