Tuesday, 14 June 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1 - Doug the Salaryman

A short update of the the Zombicide project with Doug alias Micheal Douglas in Falling Down.
It has been a very quick painting in his case. I've finished him in one shot, so my apologies but I didn't pick any photo of the wip.
The fact is that I have a gaming session this friday, that's why I need to rush a little bit my survivor painting. The last one (Wanda) is already on the fire.

Just some word about Doug. The blue is the main color of the mini. I've included it in the flesh, the  base color of the shirt is painted with blue grey, same for the hair and I've also use some glazes of dark blue on the trousers.
As for Ned, I've choosen to fill the glasses with some green stuff to paint the lens instead of the eyes. (because it's quicker and easier).
And here we are:

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