Thursday, 16 June 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1 - Wanda the Waitress

And finally the last survivor of the saison 1: Wanda the waitress.
As for Doug, it has been a rush session to finish her in time.

I've choosen a blue-green for the main color  the most similar as possible than the original plastic color.
I have to say that it remembers more the ospital  medic shirt than a waitress uniform but at least I'm sure than the players will recognize her easily on the gameboard.
For the skin, I paint the base with Skin 4 which is very pinky. Perfect for Wanda, I wanted a fresh and healtly aspect, this color base is perfect for the purpose. I've also added glazes of pure red on the cheek to increase the effect.
I've made the blonde hair with Ochre 2, wash of brown 4 and extreme highlight with a touch of White in the Ochre 2.

Ok, my survivors are painted, now the last step before my gaming session: 2 layers of matt varnish for everybody and some finishing on the base.

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