Thursday, 23 June 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors Proxy - Hasselfree miniatures

As anticipated, I've bough some Hasselfree miniatures in order to paint some survivors proxy for Zombicide.
Hasselfree has a very interesting selection of modern adventurers including zombie hunters perfect for Zombicide. Not only the scale matches perfectly with the original miniatures but the sculpture of Kev are simply incredible, the quality of the stamp is very good and the prices honnest.
The only problem for the game purpose are the material as the minis are in metal which means more damageable for the paintjob during the game session.
That's why I had to prepare them carefully to avoid any kind of problem. Super glue, Green stuff, pinning and also a first layer of Vallejo surface primer before the black and white priming just to consolidate the base before starting the painting process.
And here the selection of survivors I've choosen (from right to left):

Franck Cisco alias Clint Eastwood as Detective Callahan. The Zombicide version is Brad.
The Kev's version is a little more massive than the original Callahan but with a correct paintjob I think it's possible to make him slimer.
Cobra alias Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken. Zombicide version is Smith.
The Hasselfree mini is even more badass than the original. The only issue for my concern is the right arm which holds the machine gun because it covers big part of the chest and the face of the mini. In fact, as you can see, I've decided to paint the different parts separated in order to facilitate the painting of the face.
Oakley alias Ash Cambpell from Evil Dead. Troy is the zombicide version.
The Badassmeter of this mini is at top level. Note that Hasselfree proposes two options for the right hand. The axe (first Evil Dead version) and the Chainsaw like in Army of Darkness and in the newest telefilm Ash vs Evil Dead. Actually it has been a big moment of dilemma for me because the Chainsaw is clearly the feature of the character but as I want to use him for a proxy of Troy, I've decided to get the axe like in the zombicide illustration.
The last one is Bubba who is of course the King Elvis. Actually, Elvis doesn't have a zombicide version (what a pity) but I've fallen in love of the mini and the idea to play an old and fatty Presley zombie hunter with guitar and handgun was too  magnetic. So I've created my own zombicide version just for the fun.

I'm quite sure my friends will be happy to play with this new survivors, I can't wait to kill some zombies with them.

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