Monday, 13 June 2016

[Zombicide] Survivors saison 1- Josh the Thug

Here we are again with my survivors.
Today, I show you my work on Josh the thug probably inspirated by the charcter of Jesse Pinkman of Breaking bad.
I like very much the sculpture of this mini. Simple and badass with a good face expression.
The orange is the dominant color I've choosen for the game purpose.

All the acrylics are Warcolours range.
The skin has been painted with a base of flesh 3 which is quite bronzed, then shaded with transparent brown (an orange brown) and highlighted with flesh 2. I've also added glazes of red under the eyes just to give him a touch of junky look.
The tattoos on the arms has been designed with a mix of marine 3 and flesh 3.
The blonde hair are painted with ocher 3, ocher 1 and a wash of transparent brown.
 Now the orange sweat shirt. I've choosen Orange 2 for the base layer, shadded with a touch of blue 3 to the base color and then used transparent brown for the extreme shading.
I didn't overdo with the highlight (just a touch of Yellow 3 with Orange 2) because I wanted to maintain a matt aspect on the sweat shirt and keep my overall color much orange as possible.
For the logo on the sweat, I've tried to do some auto promotion but I'm not sure it's readable. It's not a big deal, the blue contrasts well and the effect is what I wanted.

The blue jean instead has been painted with a base of Marine 1. Then I've started with higlight using pure White  in drybrush to create the jean texture. Then I've placed the shades with a wash of Marine 5 and then Marine 5 + black.
I came back again with a very light drybrush of white just to replace the textures and then finish with some glazes of transparent brown to make the jean dirtier (even if it's not visible on the pics).

The last details for the guns and the knife, nothing special. Everything has been with the usual black metal, silver and wash Black armor from secret weapon. And here the results:

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