Tuesday, 21 June 2016

[Reaper Pathfinder] GGS painting contest

Gangeek Style (a very cool french site about Miniature and Video Game) is organizing a painting contest to win some Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.
Subject: paint an hero or an anti hero in a Fantasy universe.
The miniature must be in 30 mn maximum scale.

It sounds good.
First because the winner price is great, second because it's a good motivation to paint some gaming miniature in showcase quality.
Actually, it's the first time I think to partecipate to a painting contest. I don't even know if I will be able to finish the figure in time (deadline for September the 15th) also because I have first to finish some Hasselfree miniatures for my zombicide sessions.
But let's try, a little bit of challenge is good sometimes.

I've decided to present a classic hero: Valeros, the fighter of Pathfinder adventures.
The sculpture of B. Jackson is very dynamic and accurate to the original artwork of Wayne Reynolds (I love his fantasy comics style).
I have already some ideas to propose an heroic situation...even it would be complicated due to the fact that the contest rules are clear: it's a stand alone miniature. Interesting.

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