Wednesday, 23 November 2016

[GGS CONTEST 2] Building the urban base

Here some update of the diorama.
As you can see I've finished the base building.
I've spend a lot of time trying different minis position on the base. Actually I wanted to put  more zombies but I was not happy with the results because the horde created a wall between the survivor and the viewer making the diorama difficult to read.
So at the end, I've choosen to reduce the number of undead and open the visual on the three heroes also because they are the main subject of the contest, it's important to create a good focus on them.

Once decided the position, I took away the survivors, fix the zombies and prime the entire diorama in black. Then using white spray I've placed the light at the center of the diorama to create an artificial lightning from above. I'm very satisfied with the result. It's exactly the effect I wanted:
A strong light on the survivor in contrast with the rest of the diorama immersed in the night darkness.

Ok, now I suppose I need to put some colors on it. See you soon.

Friday, 11 November 2016

[GGS CONTEST 2] buidling urban base 1

It's time for the next GanGeekStyle contest. This time the theme is very fun:
The Good, the Brute and the Nut.
As usual, the miniature's scale are limited to 25 and 32 mn  but the environment and the presentation are free.
Because I had a lot of fun painting Hasselfree miniature for Zombicide during this last months, I've decided to make a diorama with the same object: survivors versus zombies.

So I've selected 3 minis from the Hasselfree catalogue.

But before starting with the painting of the three heroes, I must build and paint my base which needs to be accurated and elaborated if I want my diorama works.
Urban environment of course. My idea is to create an alley by night with illumination on the heroes in contrast with an horde of zombie in the darkness.
Here some pics of the WIP. as usual I've used a lot of coating to create the texture. It seems quite simple and empty right now but adding the zombie minis (from Zombicide) and some garbage on the streets, the whole stage should be credible.