Tuesday, 18 September 2018


For the sword, the idea was to paint a demonic ice blade.
I've started with a wet blending of azure, blue, purple and black. Then I've highlighted the details with pure white to create the illusion of ice.
I've finished the job with a gloss varnish to increase the effect.
The handle has been painted with the same colour I've used for the other bones parts.

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Some progress with my Grand Crane. I've painted the legs and the hoofs. Nothing special with that step, I've simply followed the same color scheme than the clothes under the armor.
The machete instead was more complicated. I was very hesitant about how to paint it. Then looking for some background, I've discovered that this blade was actually a big sharpe of ancient demon's teeth. So I've gone toward a old looking bone scheme.
I've first painted the foundation in wet blending mixing pale skin, ocre, white, sky blue and a touch of green. Then I've applied several layer of ink and washes mainly dark sepia, stone wash, blue and green.
Once dried, I've used drybrush with white in order to create some textures on the blade.
Last touch: some 3d effects to add some scratches and battle damages.    

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


After a little bit of anger  for my "non painting" situation, I've been lucky yesterday evening as my kids have decided to go to bed early. (Finally!!!)
So I've catched the opportunity to go ahead with my Grand Crane. Just a short session but enough to complete the huge horns of my skull warrior.
The base color was already painted. I used a  yellow ocre + a touch of blue wet blended with pure black.

Mainly I've worked the light and shadow, defining again the volume. For the color recipe I've semply used the base color with black and white to desaturate the overall color. The base color was a little bit too yellow, not in line with the rest of the miniature and because I wanted to make the horns old and worn, it was important to not let the colors too satutared.
I've also painted some dammages  just to add a little bit of texture because the horns were a little bit too flat for my taste.
Next step: finish the legs and the hoofs.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


And it is a failure...
Unfortunatly the due date of the Massive Voodoo challenge was for October the 19th and I was not able to conclude it in time.
To be absolutly honest, I don't even have the time to put my pencil on.
It's the problem when you're a hobbyst with a full time job and a two small kids at home, you never have the guarantee to find free time for yourself.
I'm quite upset with that also because all my painting projects are stopped since 2 months.
In fact, I was also confident to finish  my Rackham Grand Crane before November the 1st for the FigureMentors' Art Quest 2017 but at this point, It will be impossible to do it in time.

Hard time for dad painters...

Thursday, 7 September 2017


After finishing my steel metal, I've decided to add some details to make my undead warrior more realistic. So I've painted some battle damage on the armor. The effect is very simple to do and it's a cool added value to the overall result.
Paint your damage in black and underline the reflection of the light in silver on the lower part of the damage. And you have a 3D effect on your flat surface. Quick and simple.
I've also created a little bit of weathering just to make the armor even more broken looking. I've painted the rust with orange brown focusing the effect on the deep spot (including the fake battle damage).
I've decided to go very easy with the rust because I want to keep my color hue the most colder as possible which is quite incompatible with the orange of the rust.  

Enough with the steel metal, it's time to proceed with the golden part of the armor.
Following the same principle than the other color of the mini, I've choosen a cold color for my gold. So pale gold (warcolour) with a drop of black to desature it and a drop of blue to make it colder.
 The result is a fondation of pale greenish gold.

Then I've worked the shades with a first washe of Dark Sepia (secret weapon) and a second wash for the extreme shades of Dark Sepia + Black ink (warcolour) then finished the shading process with a glaze of purple ink (warcolour) always for the extreme shades.

 For the highlights, I've come back first on the light zone with my fondation of pale gold and then increase the light adding silver (warcolour) to the mix until reach pure silver for the extreme lights.
Then some glazes of green ink (warcolour) in the mid light area and finally some touches of turquoise on the deeper textured area to create some verd-de-gris.


That's all for today. Next step: the horns.