Monday, 28 August 2017


A little bit of advancement with my Almighty Skull.
I've decided to work with true metal for the armor parts. I've tried to follow the good tips of Ben Komets on his TMM tutorial.
The most difficult part with true metal is to make it interesting in term of color and not only "metal looking". By the way, mixing pure color to the metal recipe and applying inks you can reach interesting results.
Unfortunatly, my pics are not good enough to catch the color reflections but at least you have an idea of the overall results.
It still in progress because I've planned to paint some damages and weathering to make the skull warrior more credible.     

So about the method:
Surface: pure black
The base color has been painted in wet blending mixing Steel (with a touch of blue), black metal and silver following light and shadows of course.
The shades has been increased first with washes of black metal + pure black and then with washes of Black armor (secret weapon).
The higlights has been increased with pure silver I've added to the blue steel I've used for the base color.
For the color variation, I've used very diluted glazes of dark brown ink in the mid shades and blue ink for the mid lights.

Next step: damages and weathering on steel part. If I 've found enough time maybe I will work also on the golden parts. 

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