Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Massive Voodoo has launched the MV Challenge 2017.
It's the opportunity for me to partecipate to an other painting contest. I have realized than painting with rules and deadline is a very good way to improve and if the theme of the contest is fun, it's even better.
This year Massive Voodoo proposes two contests:
_ Base with water where you have to build a water-themed based alone.
_ Walt Disney Infinity where you must repaint a Disney Infinity figure. I've choosen to repaint one of this Disney figure. There is a lot of choice in the Infinity range with Pixar, Star War, Marvel and other film of the brand.
At the end I've decided to repaint Merida from the Pixar's Brave. She's a cool character and the difference between the infinity design and the original is also an opportunity to play with the treatment of the different elements as MV let complete freedom in term of creativity.

The deadline is on October the 19th, I suppose it let me enough time to create also a nice base for my princess and maybe do some small conversions. 

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