Monday, 18 April 2016

[X-WING] Rebel custom, the X-WING T-70

Here we are again with the customized SW space ship.
This time I'm painting the X-WING T-70 which is the new version of the classical Luke's ship, so the model you can see in the last episode.
Honestly, I don't want to paint it in black and orange pattern, I know it's pretty cool but I like making things original if possible.

So, this time I've done my homework and search some real references. So I've looked for some air force pattern and I've found a lot of cool stuff. Military knows how to paint their planes.
I've decided to paint the X-wing in US Marine airforce style with black and yellow pattern.

I've started with a first layer of blue grey which actually more a blue sky than grey. But it's not a big deal, It will be corrected with the shading process.

For the shades, I've worked with different layers of washes (black and grey) still more dark since I've reached each details. As you can see below, At this point, my ship is not more blue, just very dark and dirty.

 So first I've cleaned the base with my blue grey + cool grey and then added the highlight with some White in the mix.

For the pattern, I've applied first the black parts highlighted with grey, then I've proceed with the yellow stripe: base of pure yellow, shades done with a mix of yellow and orange and lights with a mix of Yellow and pale flesh.  At this step, I've also Painted the cockpit (blue, glazes of marine and light with White).
the guns have been Painted with black metal and silver meanwhile the afterburners has been Painted with black copper strongly washed in black and then cleaned and highlighted with black metal.
And here the result:

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