Wednesday, 13 April 2016

[ENIGMA] Severus and Oqtarimus - part 1 Master and Servant

Before starting with some paint jobs for my friends (zombicide and X-wing), my Work In Progress was this two miniatures from Enigma.
I'm used to paint with a clear idea in mind. An inspiration, a reference, a project I want to build around a miniature. I decide the general colors, the environment before start the process and I have also taken the habit to build and paint the base first.
It's a good way to do a good job because you're working with the motivation and the excitement of a new project instead of rush your base at the end of the process just to put your painted mini on it.

I haven't proceed at all like this with Severus. To be honest, I have just finished Saphon and I've feel the need to paint something new. So I take out the first miniature I 've found and gone with"free painting". At the end of the evening, my old mage had his first colors.

At this point, I had no more idea about how to proceed. So, I spent some time on PinInterst searching some inspiration. I have several boards I feed regulary with illustrations (mainly fantasy). It's very useful, there is a lot of talented designers on the web who make fantastic stuff.  I've often found very good idea for color scheme thanks to this guys.

This old mage on the left was perfect for my Severus. Exactly the kind of wizard I wanted to paint. (I don't know the artist).
So main color in black, secondary in red (the cape) and the third color beige/cream.

Then I finish with the last details: the staff and the spelling book.
For this last one, I had some trouble. I'm not very skilled with free hand, so I paint very simple magic pattern with one color. Nothing fancy.


 At this point I was already thinking about the base. My idea was to use an Earth Elemental miniature from Rackham to create a little scene of Severus summoning a Golem.
But a good painter I know told me that an acolyte would be nice with him. In fact, it's a pretty good idea also because from Enigma I had an other mini perfect for this role. Same scale, same sculptor (Latorre) and the look of an ugly little bastard you perfectly imagine serving an old and bad mage.
Here Oqtarimus, the Faries Mutilator !

 His name comes from the lantern he holds which is in reality a cage with some faries inside. this element is a little challenge to paint for my concern. I'm still working on it.
Oqtarimus is fun to paint but he's also very tiny. As you can see, I've kept the same colors scheme than Severus to enhance the idea of a servant following his master.
I cannot wait to come back to this wip as soon I will finish with the X-wing commission, I have something in mind for the base and also the will to play with my basing material.  

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