Monday, 5 December 2016

[GGS CONTEST 2] Painting the urban base

Let's continue with the Zombie diorama for the GGS contest 2.
For the base painting, I'm using the washes techniques diluting my colors as most as possible to reduce the opacity and let the Black& White priming works alone.
I start with the right side of the wall, painting the bricks in brown orange. Once finished, I increase the shades (in the up right part of the wall) with washes of transparent black (Warcolours)  and then add some lights with drybrush of warm grey on the illuminated part of the wall.

For the left part of the wall, I've worked mainly with succession of washes of Ocre and warm grey.
I've also painted the central pipe with metalics.
The ground has been painted with blue grey and then with glazes of warm grey for the lights and black for the shades. I used a very large brush for this job, of course with an airbrush the job would be easier, nicer and quicker but I had to adapt me.

I've finished the base painting with the door painted with washes of green and Transparent black. I've added some extreme light on the glasses and painted the zombie's arm in monochrome scheme.
Then I've added the details to make eveything more credible. So a lot miniature printables applied with PVA glue. As everything was still too clean, I've designed some graffitis. I've use some google images for the inspiration, nothing too fanzy anyway, the goal was to make the aspect of the wall dirtier not painting super defined design.

Once applied all the details on the wall, I've worked again on the shades and applied large washes of transparent black in coherence with the overall lightning of the scene.
Finally the final touches: some mini mewspaper and flyier on the ground, painting of the garbages, some dark sepia washes (secret weapon) around the garbage to simulate some dirtiness and finally a little bit of artifical water from the pipe to the gutter. And it's done!
I'm very satisfied of the result. Now I have a lot of jobpainting to do with the zombies to finalize the scene.  

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