Monday, 2 January 2017

[GGS CONTEST 2] Painting the zombies

Even if I've already painted hundred of this zombie from Zombicide, I admit I'm really enjoying this phase of my diorama because actually it's the first time I'm really painting them. I mean, this time it's not a matter of speed and mass painting, it's finest miniature painting and I have to say this zombies deserve it because the Remy Tremblay'sculpture are great and it's a pleasure to put some colors on this undeads.
To tell the true, I'd already started to paint some of them before starting the base but I had to cancel the paintjob and do it again....because they were too nice.
I know, it sounds strange but I must keep in mind that this Z are not the main characters of my diorama, so it's important to not overdue with contrast and saturation in order to fuse the zombies with the base and create a visual gap with the three survivors.
So I'm using a limited palette of cold and desaturated colors. several type of grey, white, black, purple, blue. I also avoid the extreme higlight, trying to focus more on the shades.
It works quite well to create a night atmosphere.

I've started to glue them on the base, It helps me to see if the lights are corrects and if the overall visual works. I have three other Zombies (for a total of 8 Zombies) to paint for the base but I'm seriously thinking it's not enough to create a good "horde" effect.
Maybe, I would plain to add other two or three to the total to fill the spaces on the base.

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